Accessibility and Cleveland State

A cartoon illustrating the front of a school building. There are steps and a ramp, and a man is shoveling the steps. A boy in a wheel chair asks if the man can shovel the ramp. The man replies that "all of these other kids are waiting to use the stairs. when I get through shoveling them off, then I will clear the ramp for you." The boy in the wheel chair replies, "but if you shovel the ramp, we can all get in!"

Accessibility is an important part of everything we do here at Cleveland State. It is important that we know how to create accessible content. All of the content that we provide to students should be accessible. This includes, but is not limited to content in the form of: Documents, PowerPoint Presentations, Videos, Audio, quizzes, etc. . . The department of Dynamic instruction is proud to support you in this endeavor. If you need help or support in the process we are here to provide that.

TBR provides a accessibility training that will guide you through the process of creating accessible documents as well as implementing accessibility into your courses. You can access this training at and clicking on “external registration” and register for the course.

Accessibility resources