Whats new?


Do you have a fixed or a growth mindset? Beginning in the fall of 2016 we have began regular campus reading groups to bring awareness to the concepts of the theory of Mindsets by Carol S. Dweck. Over 20 people went through the first group and we are excited to bring more groups forward as we continue. If you have any questions about mindsets and how you can get involved in a group contact Ashley Raburn at araburn@clevelandstatecc.edu or phone EXT: 216

Magna Publications Video Series

We are excited to have a subscription to both Magna Commons and Magna 20 minute mentors. This gives every faculty and staff member access to over a hundred professional development videos that focus on topics related to teaching and learning, including flipping, Student engagement, active learning, accessibility, and much more. To gain your free account contact the Center of Dynamic Instruction and they will get you started.

Dynamic Learning Lab

We are excited about our new dynamic Learning Lab in L-118. This classroom allows you to create a learner centered experience for your students. The room can be moved into many different configuration with rolling chairs and workstations. There is also an emphasis on tactile technology, and multiple movable whiteboards to allow for multiple learning styles.

If you would like to teach a class in this room or would like to learn more about it and schedule a tour contact the Center of Dynamic Instruction at mediahelp@clevelandstatecc.edu

 Course Design Help

The Center of Dynamic staff Instruction is here to consult with you and assist with instructional design needs for face to face, online, and hybrid courses. We can help with course structure and design best practices. We are also available to assist you with multimedia materials such as images, text, camtasia screen casts, audio recording, video recording, and interactive instructional elements. If you need any assistance or would like to schedule a consultation please contact us at mediahelp@clevelandstatecc.edu or at EXT: 216